Interview with Anna Plaum

Tax consultant - a life from 8:00 to 16:15 o'clock with sleeve protectors between file folders and "Done" stamp? With entrance and exit basket? Anna Plaum completed her dual studies at the auditing and tax consulting firm BW PARTNER until September 2018, was then taken on as an assistant and sees things differently:

Mrs. Plaum, what exactly did you study?
I studied accounting, tax and business law (RSW) with a focus on tax and auditing at the DHBW in Stuttgart and successfully completed my studies in September 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. My dual partner was BW PARTNER.

Why did you choose a dual system of study?
The dual system of study offers certain advantages over full-time studies. The most obvious reason is certainly the monthly salary. In retrospect, my main focus is on professional experience. Through the optimal training both in technical competences and in the practical implementation, the job market is open to you after completing your studies.

Why did you choose this course of study?
At first I informed myself in all directions. In most cases, the interests of students will be very varied, making it difficult to decide which course to study. From business administration and mechanical engineering to law and medicine, everything was there for me. In the end, however, I saw myself in the business world and came across the RSW course at the DHBW. I found the combination of the basic studies of business administration and economics and a direct focus attractive.

Why did you choose BW PARTNER?
I discovered BW PARTNER in the list of dual partners on the DHBW site. The homepage addressed me directly, so I applied. At the interview itself, I liked the obvious working environment, such as the bright and modern offices. The first contact with the team via the partner I had the interview with at the time was pleasant and open.

Why would you recommend BW PARTNER as a dual partner?
At BW PARTNER, the training is very multi-faceted, as both tax consulting and auditing are covered. This means that you receive comprehensive training in a wide variety of areas and are not a "specialist idiot" at the end of your studies.
Moreover, BW PARTNER is the golden mean between a small tax office and the Big 4. The above-average remuneration and the assumption of costs in connection with the studies such as the semester ticket, tuition fees or technical literature round off the picture.

How would you describe the working atmosphere at BW PARTNER?
BW PARTNER is a very young and dynamic team with flat hierarchies. The colleagues are nice and open-minded, which makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

What does everyday working life at BW PARTNER look like as a dual student?
The working day is very varied. During the audit phase at the beginning of the year, we are on site at the client's premises to audit or prepare the annual financial statements. In the course of the year, tax returns and special topics are on the agenda. There are no rotations through certain departments, as the clients are looked after holistically so that all areas of training are covered comprehensively. The profession requires constant further training, which at BW PARTNER is guaranteed by numerous internal and external training courses.

And like a typical day at the DHBW?
There is a fixed lecture plan for each semester, which is prepared individually for each course by the secretariat. As a rule, lectures are held every day in a morning and afternoon block. A semester consists of two blocks. Three months of DHBW are followed by three months of BW PARTNER. All in all, the dual study is a challenge due to the high workload, but it is worth it.

BW PARTNER is the right place for me when...
.... I like analytical thinking, I am interested in and understand numbers, and I enjoy working with key figures. Through direct cooperation with our clients, a confident and open manner is also important. Since we work with very sensitive data of our clients, a relationship of trust is indispensable. This includes the right balance between distance and empathy.

And I'm wrong here when...
... I am looking for a job with regular working hours all year round, with completely structured tasks without surprises.

What's the next step in your career?
After three years of professional experience in the industry, the tax consultant exam is usually taken. Alternatively, a two-year dual Master's degree can be taken in between. The tax consultant examination can be followed by the auditor examination. The RSW course of studies with a focus on taxation and auditing creates a very good basis for the professional examinations.

Finally, what would you like to give the readers on their way?
By opting for a dual course of study at BW PARTNER, you are investing in an attractive and future-proof career. BW PARTNER offers an optimal career start through practical and varied training in a strong team. Right from the start, students are integrated into teams and trained at the highest level.

Personally, I would choose that path again.

Mrs. Plaum, we wish you all the best.

„BW PARTNER is the golden mean between a small tax office and the Big 4.“

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